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Preparation For English Test

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Preparation for the b1 test is crucial to your achievement or performance when you do it on the D-Day. This is not just a slogan, because it is proven by careful preparation that you can answer more easily. That’s why there is a saying that fails to prepare means to prepare to fail. Create an ideal learning environment. Ideal, in this case, can be different for each person. Very relative, because there are people who can focus on learning if there is loud music. Conversely, some need a quiet environment to concentrate. Whichever type you are, create an ideal learning environment. If necessary, differentiate it from your previous learning environment so it doesn’t feel saturated, clicking here.

One of the things that can make learning time ineffective is interference or distraction. It is useless to allocate hours per day if part of it is filled with watching television that is not related to preparation for the test or is used up for playing mobile. Focus and try to make use of your time to study without the slightest distraction. It is better to allocate time to study for the test preparation for several hours per day routinely. That’s the important thing. Consistency to keep learning. Don’t just make preparations once a week. This will make you easy to forget and your skills are not honed. It’s better to allocate time every day to study so that your understanding becomes more comprehensive.

Don’t just study in one place. At least specify three favorite places to study. Why three? Because this can be a simple recreation when you feel bored with one place. Choose three places that you feel most comfortable in and can focus on what you do. Your family, friends and closest people need to know that you are preparing to get a brilliant score on the test. In this way, they will not interfere and will give you time to study with focus. Take advantage of this momentum to learn, yes. Don’t be tempted to do other things like scrolling Instagram on a cellphone or reading Twitter and Facebook which can unwittingly take a while.