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Some Natural Materials That Make Shiny Wood Furniture

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Having wooden furniture is indeed very helpful to beautify the interior or exterior of a house. Especially if the wood furniture has been painted with the help of read full article. Many people think that caring for wooden furniture is difficult. Though the assumption is not entirely true. Caring for and beautifying wooden furniture is easy if you are already know-how. Many effective natural ingredients can make shiny wooden furniture.

The interior of your home will look perfect if it is equipped with special wooden furniture. Do you want to know what natural materials can make new wooden furniture look back? Here are some of the lists.

Sago Flour and Maizena
These two types of flour are indeed effective for cleaning wooden furniture. Dirt attached to the furniture will be lifted to the end. How to use it is quite easy, you just sprinkle sago flour and cornstarch on the surface of wooden furniture. Rub the furniture for a while so that the dirt is loose. Finally, you just need to clean up the remaining flour so that the furniture will be shiny.

Candlenut contains natural oils which are good for maintaining the natural luster of wooden furniture. The trick is to take five large hazelnut pieces, then burn the hazelnut until the oil comes out. Wrap the hazelnut with gauze and then crush it to form a powder. Rub a packet of gauze containing hazelnut powder on the entire surface of the furniture. As a result your favorite furniture will soon be clean and shiny.

Tea Water
Not many people know that it turns out that tea water can also help restore the look of new wooden furniture. How to use it is also very practical. All you have to do is dampen a microfiber cloth with tea water, then wipe the cloth dry. Use a rag to wash the entire surface of the furniture. When it dries, the furniture will look brighter, cleaner, and shinier.

Vinegar water
The benefits of vinegar are very effective in removing stains on wooden furniture. First, you must make a mixture of water and vinegar in the ratio of 2: 1. Apply the vinegar solution to the stained furniture section. The remaining vinegar solution must then be mixed with olive oil in a ratio of 1: 4. Reapply the mixture of vinegar and olive oil solution on wooden furniture so that the color is shinier.

Petroleum Jelly
Do not throw away the remaining expired petroleum jelly because you can use it to make shiny wooden furniture. Mix petroleum jelly with a little water so that the texture is more liquid and easily applied to the surface of the furniture. The moisturizer content in petroleum jelly is also good for making sparkling wood furniture naturally.