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Bad Boys, Stay In The Early Formula Although It Has Been 17 Years Past

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Released 17 years after the second film, Bad Boys for Life did not try to overhaul the formula. The flow still adheres to the classic pattern (if you don’t want to be called a cliché), also applies a twist that – even if it is unexpected – is classified as silly as a Class B film. But again, the film never intends to revolutionize. Handled by the duo of directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah who were also appointed to direct Beverly Hills Cop 4, this is a form of modernization as an improvement without the need to damage the legacy left behind. Watch this movie on 123movies.

Everything is still as we know it. Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) is still the troublemaker playboy detective, while Marcus (Martin Lawrence) is still a cowardly detective who always expresses his desire to retire. After his first grandchild was born, Marcus wanted to spend more time with family. Although the partner tried to persuade, his decision was unanimous. Until an incident occurs, and predictably, Marcus is willing to return for the “one last ride”.

I cannot reveal the details, but the incident was credited with two aspects. First, give an injection of emotion into Marcus-Mike’s friendship. Through the two previous films, their attachment was successfully built, but only this time the relationship truly had a heart. Bad Boys for Life had separated the two, and when they came back together, their reunion felt meaningful, especially after another incident that was no less surprising. A reunion that will make the audience support Marcus and Mike to finish off the bad guys.

Aspect number two is patenting the status of a vicious mother-child couple, Isabel (Kate del Castillo) and Armando (Jacob Scipio), as a big threat. The impression had begun to be built since the early minutes in the sequence of the commotion, which helped introduce what kind of modernization El Arbi and Fallah had brought. More blood, sadism, and explicit violence, which is in harmony with a little touch of black comedy while at the same time making the action more colorful, does not stop at mere bombastic explosions. Both directors master the timing business, where some brutal moments can have a shock effect.