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Are These Roof Shapes Suitable For your House?

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Representing the overall design of the house because it is visible to the outside environment, the shape of the roof of the house must be designed neatly so that it has an element of beauty that is adapted to the conditions of the building. Well, for those of you who are confused, we will discuss various forms of house roofs as a reference to help you in designing a residence. What are they? Meanwhile, before we continue, perhaps you want to call the Idaho Roofing Repair and Replacement if your roof is damaged.

Flat Roof Shape

It is a characteristic of residential architectural styles in the Middle East, the form of flat roofs can be built easily and does not require a large budget. The form of flat roofs is often used in modern minimalist concept dwellings, but you have to take care of it regularly to get rid of dirt such as leaves that have accumulated on the roof.

Curved Roof Shape

The shape of the curved roof of the house is perfect for those of you who have a unique character. The curved roof shape offers an exclusive and aesthetic impression and can show that the owner of the house has high taste.

Gambrel House Roof Shape

Identical to a classic house from the Dutch era, the roof shape of the Gambrel house gives a grand and sturdy impression. This roof shape is characterized by four symmetrical sides flanked by two slopes on each side of the roof. Meanwhile, the upper slopes are generally made with shallow angles, while the lower slopes have a steeper slope.