Some Mistakes Frequently Made By Women When Cleaning The Home

Some women often make mistakes that should be avoided when cleaning household equipment. For example, rubbing tea or coffee spills on the carpet to quickly disappear. This can make stains stick, damaged carpet fur, and imprints. It is better to avoid these mistakes so that home appliances are not getting dirty and are easily damaged. If you also like this and already do the same thing, immediately call the The Hills Carpet Cleaning.

Be aware of mistakes when cleaning house furniture so that the equipment doesn’t get damaged quickly. Here are some mistakes that women often make when cleaning a house:

1. Instantly rub spilled drinks on the carpet
When drinks such as syrup or soft drinks spill onto the carpet, women often immediately clean them by rubbing the spill. The right way to clean it is by taking a spoon and lifting a pile of spilled water into a dirty glass.

Then take a towel and place it on the spill until the water is absorbed by the cloth. After that, take a special product to clean the carpet and gently clean it with a cloth. Make sure the product will not fade the color of your carpet.

2. Clean the window when the weather is hot
Cleaning windows when the weather is hot during the day should also be avoided. The sun’s heat makes the glass dry quickly when cleaned so that it can leave stains scratching on the glass. The best time to clean the glass is when it is cloudy and not too hot. Rub gently using a non-sticky sponge.

3. Use a lemon vinegar solution to clean all household furniture
Not a few women who think that lemon water can clean all types of household furniture. Maybe lemon water is good for cleaning fiberglass, floors, or aluminum material, but not with stone-based equipment. Lemon acid water can damage the surface of objects that come from real stones. For that, when you want to clean stone displays, you should use a special product that is designed to clean them.

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