Pixar Character Duet That Cannot Be Separated Until The End Of Time

Pixar is smart in making animated films. In addition to the storyline that is easily digested and made an impression, the making of the characters is also very simple, and of course entertaining. The latest, of course, are the characters from the movie Toy Story 4. This time we have a duet of Pixar characters who always leave an imprint in memory and seem inseparable with time. Here are some of them. Please click this link to watch this movie.

Flik and Princess Atta
Flik and Atta from the movie A Bug’s Life are the ant characters that are for. It’s just that the two are clearly different. Flik is very eccentric and Atta who really stands like a princess like a story in the film. However, the ridiculous combination of the two makes this film truly an entertainment that cannot be forgotten. Both seemed to have a very strong bond. Even when Atta did not return Flik’s love.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head
Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead has a perfect partner relationship. It is clear that the two love each other, their relationship is reminiscent of how one would see how a couple complements each other despite many differences. Although sometimes ridiculous Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead is a true love story that can not be forgotten through the characters created by Pixar.

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