After the weaknesses have been displayed by the target person, the ghost starts moving. The following are some points where ghosts find things that are conducive to making a point of entry into one’s consciousness. Additionally, if you have a feeling that this “ghost” is sent by someone after you, we recommend you try to remove black magic from your body or your house as quickly as possible.

If the person’s personality is very weak, then the ghost may possess that person at any moment. Someone becomes very vulnerable/weak when defeated by desire, lust, or being in an emotional state. At that time, there was a lack of togetherness and control between various bodies, namely the subtle body and the physical/rough body. In this situation, any ghost can control that person.

If possessed people have strong personalities, ghosts must wait for the right moment. For example, ghosts can possess honest people only when they have a glimpse of dishonest thoughts.

Ghosts can penetrate easily when the veil of the gross body is separated from the veil of the mental body, for example in a dream state, a state of despair, etc. In some cases, this can occur even in a state of meditation. Only the truly dangerous kind of ghosts can possess someone’s spiritual body easily during meditation.

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